The Heat Output Calculator provides a guide about what size stove is suitable for your room. It is important, that you choose the correct stove based on the size of your room. Otherwise you may end up with a stove that is either too powerful and is difficult to control. Or not powerful enough, in which case it will be difficult to heat up the room.

There are of course other factors to consider, such as, the standard of insulation and the age of the property.

Please input the length, width and height of your room into the calculator. From these results, the calculator will then suggest a suitable heat output for the room. From this you can then determine what size stove you need.

Again, please only use the calculator as a guide. We always recommend that before you buy a stove, that you contact a HETAS approved installer to carry out a site survey. They will then be able to tell you what size stove is best for your property.

Heat Output Calculator